Horne Lake Adventure

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Lured by the prospect of a couple of sunny days and a break in our work schedule my husband and I headed to Horne Lake, located about an hour north of Nanaimo, for a two day campout. The last time we visited this lake was 25 years ago and it is still the beautiful clear… Read more »

Daffodil Days

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This exceptional grouping of daffodils is located at the Folklife Village Shopping Center. Every spring there are small patches of yellow at the sides of the road all over Gabriola. The roadside bulbs were planted over a dozen years ago as a result of a community wide initiative, purchased from the cancer society by assorted… Read more »

Farming in Paradise

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The Hope Center preschool had a field trip today at Paradise Island Farm. The main attraction was the alpacas, dozens of them. The children were each given a cup of sweet feed and allowed to feed the alpacas, chickens and baby goats. Afterwards they went to the farm gift shop and saw how to spin… Read more »

Not Just a Pretty Face

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Sarah and Harley are gentle souls, they live down the road from us on a beautiful 5 acre property and we are thankful to them for the gold mine of fertilizer they provide for our garden. All we need to do is shovel it and with the help of John, our trusty garden tractor we… Read more »

On the Shores of Gabriola

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In my line of work I have many opportunities during the course of the week to wander on the sea shore. I show a home, “should we check out the nearest beach?”, inevitably the answer is yes. We find the nearest access (there are so many it would be hard to count them all) and… Read more »