A Bean Tent

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Carly had an idea to make a bean tent for the babies to play in while we are working in the garden. She bought long bamboo sticks to form the shape of the tent and planted a particularly vigorous purple pole bean in a circle leaving an opening. Add a small stool to sit on… Read more »

Bathtub Races

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We have lived on Gabriola for 30 years and almost every July we have stood on the north shores of the island to watch the Nanaimo Bathtub races. The first race was in 1967 and was Nanaimo’s centennial event back when the pirate black Frank was the mayor of Nanaimo. At that time it was… Read more »

Visiting Owls

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In the evenings we are visited by owls. We hear them in the trees hooting to each other. We can’t always spot them because they blend in well with the trees.

Entrance Island Lighthouse

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I think this must be the most often photographed scene on (or from) Gabriola. The construction of the lighthouse was put out to tender in late 1874, the construction was plagued with problems, but was finally declared completed in Aril of 1876, established as a BC lighthouse on June 8, 1876 and first lit up… Read more »

The Brickyard

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Brickyard Beach across from Mudge Island is a park. In the past it was the site of a very productive brickyard. In 1911 the first company to run the brickyard was incorporated, it and subsequent companies ran the brickyard until the early 50’s, but there is evidence that bricks were being made at this site… Read more »