Faces in the Sandstone

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The exposed sandstone on Gabriola has been weathered into various weird and wonderful shapes. At my last visit to Descanso Bay Regional Park I found these interesting rock outcroppings. A hike to the base of the cliff below McConvey Road brought me face to face so to speak with these massive faces. I then followed… Read more »

Wine Tasting

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We entered through the gates of the Gabriola Island Winery and followed a winding road up to the wine making facility and tasting room. We were greeted by Chris and Fenix who poured us samples of their Pinot Gris, Merlot and a Port style fortified wine made from Blackberries and Blueberries, we sipped their lovely… Read more »

A Gabriola Adventure

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We were deciding where to spend our two days off this week and thought about the Gabriola Campground. We have never camped there before, but with gas prices so high and only two days to play what better way to make the best of our time. We packed up and in less than 1/2 hour… Read more »

The Village

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Gabriola Island’s main shopping complex is called Folklife Village Shopping Center. This is a beautiful timber frame building with high ceilings and big beams and we are so lucky that its owner had the vision to bring it here from the Vancouver Expo 86 site. Housing in style a delightful assortment of food, clothing, gifts,… Read more »

An Old Farmhouse

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This old and abandoned farm house can be easily seen while driving down South Road on Gabriola, and is not far from Gossip Corner where the mail used to come. According to the book ‘The People of Gabriola’ the old homestead was built by James and Jessie Gray in 1896. Here they raised cattle, sheep,… Read more »