Snow Day

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Our weather channel, normally showing a tranquil blue screen, sounded an alarm, flashed a red screen and warned of severe weather. Most Canadians would be in danger of falling down with laughter to think that 20 cm of snow and -7 degree weather would be considered severe but we are on the wet coast and… Read more »

Bug on a Bug

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Every so often ladybugs congregate on the warm south wall of our house and have a huge hatching of young, a number of which come in through the window and hang out in our home. This one was found resting on a little VW bug.

Cookies Galore

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Each December for the past few years Carly and I have enjoyed baking cookies. Not just a dozen here and there but masses of cookies of many different of varieties. Of course our family can’t eat them all so we package them up into assortments and deliver them to everyone we know and can find… Read more »

Berry Break

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Even in December you can pick berries on Gabriola! These little berries are on an evergreen blue huckleberry bush. Native to the west coast they can be found at the edge of clearings and along roadsides. The foliage is often used in floral arrangements. They are not usually grown commercially because of the low fruit… Read more »

Descanso Bay

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A calm December day in Descanso Bay with ducks swimming and the MV Bowen Queen making its 20 minute crossing from Nanaimo. This vessel is temporarily replacing our MV Quinsam which is undergoing the first phase of its midlife upgrade. The Bowen Queen works well for our island except at extremely low tides when it… Read more »