Market Kaleidoscope

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This week the market offered a kaleidoscope of goods. Gorgeous hand dyed yarns, soft leather bags, bright tye dye clothing, gleaming pottery, aromatic canteloupe, deep green watermelons, sparkling jewelry, all produced on Gabriola. We bought a beautiful stoneware mug some canteloupe and a watermelon and headed home for tea – yummy!

Air Show

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This past evening was a warm and sunny affair, perfect weather for an outdoor dinner party. Wine, good food, friends – and the Snowbirds for entertainment. They were doing an airshow in the Nanaimo inner harbour and this brought their flight path in a curve over our property. It was a very impressive addition to… Read more »

Salt Marsh

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We swam in the mid afternoon at the far end of Lock Bay and walked back to the road on the high path. We passed the salt marsh edged with the beach logs that wash in with some of the high tides that bring salt to the marsh.

Sandwell Park

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Sandwell Park is on the edge of Lock Bay. There is a short and beautiful hike through cool forest and massive rocks which opens onto a sandy beach with a spectacular view of Entrance Island and the coastal mountains. We have been swimming there every evening during this heat wave. The water is very clear… Read more »