Peter and the Wolf

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This past long weekend was abuzz with activities! The Farmers Market kicked off with the first of the Saturday openings, there was a bicycle race, the grand opening of the Hen House – a working Studio and Gallery, a play at The Centre, live music at Raspberry’s Jazz Cafe, Comedy at the Silva Bay Restaurant, a photography show and more!… Read more »

Gabriola Hummers

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We recently purchased the best hummingbird feeder ever. It doesn’t leak, it holds plenty of solution, there is a moat to stop the ants and the perching rail is fully utilized by the birds and makes them easy to watch. We have two kinds that visit our feeder, Anna’s Hummingbird and Rufous Hummingbird. Both are beautiful but… Read more »

A Stone Man

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A walk in the 707 park yesterday brought me to this very attractive man sitting on a large moss covered stone!