Zombies Attack…

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Gabriola survived a zombie attack on the village area yesterday, albeit we now have a slightly lower population of living but a higher number of undead! At 1:45 pm on Saturday October 29th a small but terrifying group of  zombies descended on the downtown of Gabriola Island searching for good eats.  Thankfully they were slow… Read more »

Biggie Tomato

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Our gardening is just about done for the year, the beds have been tidied and only the cold hardy vegetables are left to browse from. We had an abundance of really big tomatos and made a lot of tomato sauce!

Foraging on Gabriola

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There are quite a number of plants that can be foraged for food on Gabriola. The spring and summer months offer a multitude of berries, oregon grape, young stinging nettle,  and tender greens; in the fall find rose hips and mushrooms. It is very satisfying to walk along mossy forest trails and spy a chanterelle mushroom, and… Read more »