Gone Fishing

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Kissinger Lake is about a two hour drive from the Gabriola Ferry on Vancouver Island just past Cowichan Lake. This pretty little spot belongs to Timber West who offers it as a forestry campground and they stock it with rainbow trout making it a favorite destination for campers and fisher-people. There are no gas powered engines allowed so it… Read more »

Last Swim

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I fully believe this is my last swim of the year, at least on this side of the border. We escaped from Gabriola and had a wonderful few days at Pine Point on Cowichan lake. The first day was warm and sunny, and the water temperature was very comfortable so I swam every day. On the way… Read more »

Cathedral Grove

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This past weekend my husband and I had a couple of days off and met up with some friends from Vancouver and camped at the Living Forest campground in Nanaimo.  We spent one of the days with them and our girls heading up to Coombs and continuing on to Cathedral Grove (MacMillan Provincial Park).  The… Read more »

Kissinger Lake

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A great little destination lake is Kissinger, within 2 hours drive from the Gabriola Island ferry on Vancouver Island this is a great spot to camp for a few days. This small lake is located just past Cowichan Lake on the way to the Carmanah Valley. It is run by Timber West and will be… Read more »

A Dip in the Lake

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A weather forecast of warm sunny days sent us off to Cowichan Lake to enjoy the mid week camping experience. We were not disappointed, a 1&1/2 hour drive and we were there, blue skies and clear water welcomed us. We tried out our new zero gravity lounge chairs and I took a dip in the… Read more »