Biggie Tomato

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Our gardening is just about done for the year, the beds have been tidied and only the cold hardy vegetables are left to browse from. We had an abundance of really big tomatos and made a lot of tomato sauce!

Foraging on Gabriola

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There are quite a number of plants that can be foraged for food on Gabriola. The spring and summer months offer a multitude of berries, oregon grape, young stinging nettle,  and tender greens; in the fall find rose hips and mushrooms. It is very satisfying to walk along mossy forest trails and spy a chanterelle mushroom, and… Read more »

The Daily Harvest

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We had such a cool start to the summer that I thought the garden would never grow, but I was surprised, we are able to  pick a bountiful daily harvest of vegetables – enough for three families. We used sea weed and compost this year and the result has been market quality. When there is too much we… Read more »

Mad Rona’s

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It is great little coffee bar at Madrona Shopping center. On a hot day they open the overhead doors for a refreshing open air experience. There is plenty of comfortable seating, both inside and out. They serve really good coffee, tea, snack bars and pastries. You can buy a delicious lunch of soup, sandwiches and wraps. We arrived early on… Read more »

Gabriola Agriculture

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I have been spending a fair amount of time looking online at farm co-op’s and how they are started and run.  I looked at Glen Valley farm’s website located in the Fraser Valley and was inspired by what they have created there, a successful model of co-operative organic agriculture. The goals of this co-op is… Read more »