West Coast Wonders

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We finally received our seed order in the mail. This is an exciting occasion because it means we are once step closer to spring and with that comes gardening. We love getting an assortment of vegetables, fruit and herbs, nothing tastes better than a meal made with ingredients grown within 100 feet from your backdoor…. Read more »

Gabriola Greens

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A tasty and nutritious treat even for the little ones … my daughter loves this stuff! In the summer time we frequent the Good Earth Market to pick up our favourite greens and vegetables but in the winter I am happy to find these huge leaves of organic rainbow chard in our local grocery store.

Fiddlehead Farm

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Just before the big snowfall, my husband and I took our girls to visit our friends at Fiddlehead Farm. We are looking to buy some laying hens and also wanted to get an idea of what kind of structure to build. They raise a lovely, calm heritage breed of chickens, called Dorkings, and we hope… Read more »

Winter Squash

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These winter squash are such beautiful fruits of our garden. They can be decorative and store very well in a cool dry location, tasty and healthful they get sweeter as the winter progresses and can keep until the spring!