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We finally received our seed order in the mail. This is an exciting occasion because it means we are once step closer to spring and with that comes gardening. We love getting an assortment of vegetables, fruit and herbs, nothing tastes better than a meal made with ingredients grown within 100 feet from your backdoor. This year we are trying our hand at cantaloupe, Lesley grew these one year and they were the best melons I have ever had. They were small, crisp and had such an amazing sweetness. Melons are a tricky crop to grow on the west coast, you should choose the part of the garden that gets the most sun and has the nicest, loosest soil for these plants. Saying that, we are always up for a challenge and nothing beats the satisfaction of growing your own food. Every year I look forward to getting my hands dirty and spending many a warm evening in the garden weeding, watching the kids play, and snacking on all that nature has to offer.

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