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Today was packed full of Christmas fun for all! To start the morning out right I made Gingerbread Waffles with spiced maple syrup and for Dave and I, Baileys with our coffee. At 9:40 my mum came and picked up our eldest daughter for a first time visit to the United Church. She held up reasonably well for a kid who has never sat in church but by the time it was done so was she. She did say that the singing was good but that she thinks she is good and does not need to go again:) At 10 am my husband took our youngest to the Old Crow Cafe in Folklife Village to meet with Santa Claus, it was a lovely visit and she requested two rather difficult gifts…a bell from Santa’s sleigh and snow falling for Christmas (I know, good luck right). After they both came home we had a quick lunch and headed out to Mad Rona’s for steamed milk and the chance to watch two of their dearest friends sing Christmas carols. It was lovely and the kids had so much fun singing along and dancing to some of their favorite songs! After dinner and pajamas it is time to read some of my favorite Christmas story, The Child’s Gift by Tomas Blanco.

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