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I have been spending a fair amount of time looking online at farm co-op’s and how they are started and run.  I looked at Glen Valley farm’s website located in the Fraser Valley and was inspired by what they have created there, a successful model of co-operative organic agriculture. The goals of this co-op is below and a model like this could work on Gabriola :

The original goals of the co-op when established in 1998 remain priorities today and figure into our decision-making processes. These goals are to:

  • provide access to certified organic food for shareholders and the local community;
  • own and operate the farm co-operatively;
  • steward the entire farm for the mutual benefit of the land, wildlife and people;
  • be a model of sustainable living; and
  • create opportunities to learn about sustainability.

Shareholders and friends of the farm meet regularly for a shared meal and meeting. All major decisions for the co-op are achieved through concensus. We believe this process helps to ensure that issues are carefully thought through before action is taken, that it gives everyone a voice in the process, which results in much greater buy-in by all participants.

Check out their website for more information also a local blog from a Gabriola group who is quite involved with the slow food movement at

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