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We were at a going away party for a friend last night, pot-luck of course.  We love pot-lucks because everybody always makes their best dish and you are able to feast on wonderful food until we are stuffed. Robyn made Kale Chips, something we have recently been making for our families regularly and can report the kids and husbands adore them. The best comment about the food last night was when one of our friends was looking at the table loaded with food and zeroed in on the Kale Chips, “is that Kale?” he gushed before diving in and commenting how he would love to steal the bowl and eat them all. Even last year most people turned their noses up when you mentioned Kale and many would have cringed if you offered them Kale Chips to eat, my how things change. I will share the Kale Chips recipe that we have been making recently courtesy of  the Wholelife Nutrition Cookbook, just click on the link and you will find the wonderful and super yummy recipe – Kale Chips

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