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One of the wonderful things about Gabriola being so close to Vancouver Island is the ease at which we can make a day trip up to Mt. Washington. Yesterday for a treat we took the family, including my sister-in-law visiting from Toronto, up to the mountain to go snow tubing for the afternoon. What a treat for the girls, the snow was falling and they felt as though they were in heaven.  Our 4 year old was a bit scared and decided she would tube down with me which was a blast for both of us. The eldest whom loves roller coasters was vibrating with excitement and after whipping down the hill the first time decided that she could do this forever. It was quite reasonably priced at $49 for the family for 2 hours which is plenty of time for the adults of the group (I think the kids could have gone all day). Next time up there the girls have expressed interest in skiing (I think the idea of hurtling down the hill at breakneck speed appeals to them), I on the other hand would love to try cross-country skiing.

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