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It is time for Gabriola to review the Official Community Plan. The review will be made up of a 15 person volunteer group who will look at both the OCP and Land Use Bylaws. There were 29 applicants in total with 15 members appointed by way of Local Trust Committee motion on Friday November 13th. The full membership of the Volunteer Review Committee is as follows:

Carly McMahon
Bill Pope
Tom Kirchmayer
Kees Langereis
John Peirce
June Harrison
Daniele Rudischer
Adam Velsen
Sara Brockelhurst
Susan Yates
Melanie Mamoser
Kathryn Molloy
Robert Ferris
Lisa Webster-Gibson
Randy Young

I am excited to have been chosen to be on the review committee. It will be exciting and a fabulous learning experience.

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