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This week between Christmas and New Year’s we have had some off island visitors so we opted to try something we have not done yet.  We decided to head out to Horne Lake and check out the caves. We went in the off season which meant that we could not do the guided tour but were able to explore 3 caves on our own for no charge. We rented our helmets with lights and hiked out to the Main and Lower caves with my sister-in-law, Dave and our 2 daughters. We spent the next 2 hours in and out of the caves checking out the rock formations and critters, it was wonderful and we definitely recommend it to anyone who has not had a chance to check it out.

We have also had some old friends with their 2 1/2 years old and we took them to one of our favorite Gabriola spots, Elder Cedar Nature Reserve, where we walked the trails looking at mushrooms, raced rubber duckies in the stream and walked through the big cedar tree.

It was a lovely week to have company and we finished it off and celebrated the first day of 2013 by having our annual huge bonfire burning all of the debris we accumulated over the year from pruning, taking down and limbing trees. The kids had a blast running arouund outside and roasting marshmallows, a great way to spend January 1st. Happy New Year all!!!

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