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The Millstone Quarry is a small park close to the ferry. Climb an easy path to a pretty view out over Descanso Bay, walk a bit further to a pile of rejected millstones, evidence of a bit of Gabriola’s history. The area above this park has quite a large expanse of exposed sandstone and the quarry extended far beyond the little park. From 1889 to 1918 large slabs of sandstone were cut and shipped to Vancouver to be cut into building blocks. From 1931 to 1936 millstones were cut and shipped, the small ones were used locally to grind wood into pulp for the paper mills. The larger ones went to Finland. There were many imperfections in the stone and many of the rejected millstones are piled in the park. For more about the quarry read ‘The People of Gabriola’ by June Lewis-Harrison.
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