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Being a both parents work family we have to divide our time up wisely. One thing that we have done to create more time and feel good about the outcome is to start using the Spud grocery delivery service. Spud is a local Victoria company that allows you to order all your food online and have it delivered to your door weekly. We started receiving a delivery 3 weeks ago and received our 4th delivery last night. We ordered fresh pasta from Bagga Pasta in Victoria, Mount Royal Bagels also from Victoria as well as a plethora of fresh fruits and veggies which have been wonderful quality.
When you look at your statement not only does it give you the price you paid and the quantity received but it also gives you the distance traveled. Last week I managed to have my average distance that our food travel come out at 750 km, the average to a typical grocery store is 2500 km. This week didn’t come from as close being that I received Turbinado sugar which had to travel a whopping 10490 km! If you are interested go to and if you decide to order use this promo code CRVIC-MCMCAR to receive $25 off over your first four orders.

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