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Each week Thursday night at Artworks marks the opening of a new display showcasing the varied work of individual local artists. This week was of particular interest to me because when I first met the artist over 25 years ago her art was in its infancy, a whimsical show at the Malaspina College Gallery with wood nymps and trolls adorning a children’s book has matured into quiet scenes of west coast nature where light and water are captured in watercolor. Carol Evans left Gabriola 26 years ago and has become a well known artist, it was nice to see her and I was pleased to find that she remembered me from so long ago. She said that Gabriola is very special to her and is the jewel of the Gulf Islands. It is always enjoyable to attend these gala openings with wine and cheese in an informal atmosphere condusive to purchasing that piece of art that happens to catch and hold your eye. We are so lucky, we live here.
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