Conservation Act

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BC Heritage Conservation Act What’s it all about? In 1960, the province responded to public concern over the loss of precious and non-renewable archaeological resources by passing the Archaeological and Historic Sites Protection Act (AHSPA). That legislation provided automatic protection for archaeological sites on Crown land and, where designated, protection for such sites on private… Read more »

Non Resident Tax Status

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Non-Resident Tax Status NOTE:This information is provided by We have no personal knowledge of this firm, but thought this a concise explanation. See the Canadian Customs and Revenue Site for reliable information. Non-Resident of Canada The question of what a non-resident purchaser of real property in Canada needs to know about tax implications continues… Read more »

Water & Sewage

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Gabriola Water & Sewage Info Gabriola Island properties are responsible for their own effluent treatment and their own water supply. We have no community sewer system: once you have a structure with a water system on your property you are required to have septic system. A septic system usually consists of a septic tank and drainage field. Occasionally… Read more »

You & Your Realtor®

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DISCLOSURE OF REPRESENTATION IN TRADING SERVICES FORM As a REALTOR® we believe consumers should have as much information as possible, as early as possible, when working with licensees to understand the nature of their relationship with a licensee and the duties and responsibilities that we owe. As such before provide trading services which includes; showing… Read more »