And Away We Go

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Excited to go, but sad to leave. With mornings like this and days to match it is no wonder my husband and I leave with a bit of regret. Not to mention time spent away from our family and sweet grand children. But we have places to see and a finite number of years left to see… Read more »

Relaxing on Hornby Island

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We had the luxury of getting a week off this summer and we went to Hornby Island. Many people looked at us rather oddly when we said we were going to another Gulf Island for a holiday but we so wanted to spend some time in a quiet place where we were totally anonymous. We… Read more »

Going South

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We are ready to go. We are pointed in the right direction. In the morning we will start out on our journey to the desert. While we won’t really miss the winter we will miss our grandchildren, but adventure calls to us. We anticipate the quiet open spaces and many wonderful hikes. We’ll be back… Read more »

Duty Called Me Back

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Every year by December my husband and I are dreaming of blue skies and warm lazy days in an empty desert. Perhaps this is not your definition of paradise but for us it works. We adore the desert and thrive on the quiet and slow pace of life, spending many hours hiking and biking. Some… Read more »